Get Tipsy and Get in Shape With Keg Ball

College students are notorious for inventing creative solutions to the world's troubles. In some cases, these visionaries showcase their innovations in more playful realms, such as sports. A group of college students have come up with a clever new trend on college campuses: keg ball.

This sport combines the creativity of these lively students with a new level of alcohol appreciation. Players must compete head-to-head in a game of kickball with one simple twist; they must keep a full cup of beer in their hands at all times. As the game progresses, the inebriated players must hammer the ball between goals, adding a level of difficulty with each drink they consume.

While a long time may pass before it shows up in the Olympics, both players and spectators find this game hilarious, fun and competitive. It gives players' gut muscles a good workout as an observer and tests the limits of their coordination under the influence. Whatever one's role in keg ball, it is a guaranteed good time.